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Trigger Warning: Taboo/Forbidden Romance/Infidelity

Addictions come in many forms. For Emmy McKay, it came in the way of Gabriel Drake. Everyone warned her he was dangerous. He would give her nothing but pain, yet Emmy could not ignore the pull Gabriel had over her. He was excitement, sex, adventure, everything that woke the soul and made the body feel alive. She had picked him and reveled in her life with him, that was until an unannounced visitor from his past threatened everything. Now Emmy must navigate through betrayal, love, and the secrets that get unmasked. Will Emmy come through the other side with everything she’s ever wanted? Or will her life fall to pieces as everyone warned her?

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Trigger Warning: Taboo/Forbidden Romance/Infidelity

She was looking for a fresh start. What she found was love and the temptations that could destroy it. After losing her family, Emmy McKay wanted nothing more than have a family of her own. To love and be loved with all the happiness of a fairytale life. Or so she thought until a mysterious stranger offers her a single night of raw pleasure and her ultimate desires fulfilled. She jumps at the opportunity, but after the night of passion, he vanishes without a trace. Making her question what she really wants in life. With the mystery man gone, Emmy must move on with her life. And here comes Nathaniel Hawkins, the town’s most eligible bachelor, who has captivated her with his gorgeous smile and gentle manner. He offered her a normal life, the one she had always dreamed of. Life couldn’t be better--That is until her mystery man reappeared. Will Emmy be able to ignore the cravings that awoke in the arms of her mystery man? Or will she be able to ignore his temptations and settle into the happy-ever-after life she has always longed for?

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Trigger Warning: Taboo/Forbidden Romance/Infidelity

What would you do when a dangerous past threatens to destroy your future? Emmy McKay and Gabriel Drake have returned for the finale of Entanglement series. He had left, vanished for over a year leaving Emmy devastated and heartbroken. She fought to get her life back together, to let him go and move forward, but how do you move on from someone who breathes life into your existence? Just as she starts to feel alive again, finds company with a local Deputy, her world is rocked by Gabe’s return and the baggage that follows him. Skeletons will be revealed. Questions answered. But with everything that has happened and danger lurking around every corner, will Baycliff and its two most popular residents get out alive and in love? Find out in the final installment of the Entanglement Series and ask yourself. What would you do to get the man you love back?

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