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A college student bound for a small-town love.

It was that time of year again. While others decorated for the holidays and bought Christmas gifts, Sherry Parsons prepared for her annual holiday break alone. That was until her friend convinced her to tag along to her family’s home in the small town of Redwater, Kentucky. It’s there amid the festivities, Sherry finds something she hadn’t prepared for--Trevor Webb. Meeting Trevor is when Sherry’s holiday trip takes a turn for the best. Her simple determination to get through the holiday break quickly changes and she finds herself embracing everything a small-town romance has to offer. But as a new world opens, Sherry’s forced to question everything she’s come to believe, including the power of an unspoken wish. Can Sherry push past her fears for the sake of romance? Will she be able able to relearn and trust the magic of Christmas? Or will she miss out on love and all life has to offer? A Christmas Wish is book 14 in the Forever Safe Christmas II Series


Sometimes in order to find what you’re missing you must go back home.

Sometimes in order to find what you’re missing you must go back home. It had been ten years since I left Northbury, a small-town in Southern Kentucky. I had always thought to grow old there, to marry the local golden boy, support him as he fulfilled his dream in the police force. We would have a couple kids and the simple life that moved at a slow pace within the town would be what I knew. I had thought it was what I wanted, after all, generations after generations populated the town. Yet, after a tragic accident my world crumbled and forced me to run as far from my hometown as possible. My return, though met with excitement from some, only caused me anxiety and reminded me of the loss I still felt unhealed from. I wanted to make it through a visit, see my parents and get the closer I needed to move forward, yet quickly found myself in a struggle of reliving the past and being in the present. Ready to bolt I felt a pull at my heart, one that brought me to more than I could have ever prepared myself for. Would I be able to make it through my visit, or would the tragedy from my past overpower me once more?


“Sometimes you have to risk it all to find everything.”

For thirty years I had lived for other people. From the college I attended, the career I picked, even the man I dated. All my life I’ve watched my friends go after their dreams, marry the men and women they picked while I remained frozen. I had no life experiences and had never experienced love. I knew that all needed to change when the only man I ever knew asked me to marry him. With a leap of faith, I risked everything I had known and started my own adventure across the country. Each state offered something new, different, and as I pushed forward, I grew less scared of the unknown. That is, until a blizzard and a wrong turn changed everything, and I found myself stranded just outside a small Kentucky town. Alone. Scared. Until he showed up. Mesmerized by my rescuer I found myself conflicted between returning to my old life of giving into the feelings this man filled me with. Could I trust myself in making the right choice before I lost everything?


A simple girl from Kansas.
A Wizard that awakens her.
An Emerald based city that brings them together.

Jeannie Bale is from the rural town of Ruby, Kansas. She’s lived a simple life on a farm but has always had one wish; to sing at the greatest place on Earth-- Emerald Theater. She’s dreamed of singing on the big stage for as long as she can remember. But after day-in and day-out of doing the same thing each day, Jeannie comes to believe that reaching her dream will never happen. How can she when she’s just a small-town girl with no way to reach her dream? Then one stormy morning, a twister and near-death experience change everything for Jeannie. She realizes that not going after your dreams is a far greater regret than failing at them. Nervous, scared, and alone, Jeannie sets forth on her path toward Emerald Theater. Upon arriving in New York nothing is as she imagined. There’s an enchanted feeling behind every corner. It wasn’t until she met Lincoln, a strikingly beautiful man who instantly took her breath away, that Jeannie’s world opened and true magic was revealed. Will the power of love, courage, and strength be enough for Jeannie to overcome what's waiting for her behind the curtain of her Emerald Dream? Or will the curtain fall leaving her wishing she had never left home at all?

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