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A simple girl from Kansas.
A Wizard that awakens her.
An Emerald based city that brings them together.

Jeannie Bale, a young woman from the rural town of Ruby, Kansas has one wish, sing at the greatest place on Earth. Living a simple life on a farm, Jeannie has come to believe reaching her dreams would never happen, that is until a twister changes everything. It's with a near death experience Jeannie realizes that not going after your dreams is a greater regret than failing at them. Nervous, scared and alone, Jeannie sets forth on her path toward Emerald Theater.

Upon arriving in New York nothing is as she imagined, an enchanted feeling behind every corner. It wasn’t until she met Lincoln, a strikingly beautiful man, who instantly took her breath away. It was with him Jeannie’s world opened and true magic was revealed. Will the power of love, courage, and strength be enough for Jeannie to overcome what's waiting for her behind the curtain of her Emerald Dream?

~*Emerald Dream is part of the standalone paranormal romance series The Fairytale Buzz*~


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