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One thing about being an Author, my mind is always working. New ideas pop in my head with little to no effort. A song is played and BOOM new idea. Watching a movie I've seen a million times, BANG another idea. Most ask me if that's an overwhelming thing but in all honestly I love it. Gives me the chance to tell more stories, to bring new worlds and characters to my readers. With that said, here is a list of my upcoming works.

  • Breathe: Entanglement 3 : Summer 2021

Breathe is the last book in the Entanglement Series and will bring Emmy McKay face to face with not only the father of Gabe, her lover, but also force her to make the final choice on where her hearts lays and what kind of life she's out to have. Will she pick Gabe? Will she pick another? Will she choose herself? Travel back to Baycliff Alabama and find out.

  • The Enchanted: Book One: Summer 2021

The Enchanted is a book I'm co-writing with fellow Author J. Truesdell and first of a Supernatural Romance Series. The Enchanted follows a young woman by the name of Zoey Green as she discovers not only that she's far from normal but her life is in danger from an evil force that has been searching for her since her birth. Zoey must come face to face not only with her hidden past but also those that seek to destroy her future.

  • The Wizard's Temptation: Fall 2021

A Fairytale-like Romance with a young woman who travels to New York in hopes of becoming a ballerina only to have each step forward stopped by an evil opponent. Lost and sad, ready to give into the ill intentions Danielle meets a young man and everything starts to change, her world suddenly brighter and more hopeful.

  • Always: Fall 2021

A Dramatic Romance that deals with mental health. This story is very important to me as it tells the struggles and the benefits shared between a couple who must fight and live with a mental illness.

  • Her Forbidden Desires: A Viking Romance Winter 2021

The only daughter of a vile lord. The only son of small Viking family under the lord's laws. Two souls who shouldn't be connected cross and set forth a course of actions that are not only dangerous for those involved but for everyone they love.

  • Ivan's Seduction: Twisted Aces Bad Boys Series: Fall 2021

Ivan's Seduction is the first of a Erotic Romance series that will follow a different bad boy within the Twisted Aces Motorcycle Club. In this first installment you'll meet Ivan, the MC's President, and watch as he draws a young and unexpecting woman into his world. Seduced by the danger of his lifestyle she finds herself under his spell and ready to risk everything for him.

Well, there is upcoming releases and a short description of their plots. Don't you worry, I have many more planned. If you have any comments or perhaps a story idea you'd like to run by me, feel free to short me an email or comment below.

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Hope you're looking forward to the releases of 2021 as much as I am.

Happy Reading!

Michelle Savage <3

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