Autographed copy of A Christmas Wish



A Christmas Wish is book 14 in the Forever Safe Christmas II Series


She’s a young college student with her whole life planned. That is, until she met him, a small-town man who offered her the world.


It was the time of year again and while others decorated for the holidays and bought Christmas gifts, Sherry Parsons prepared for her annual holiday break alone. That is until her friend, Elizabeth Webb, convinced her to tag along to her family’s home in the small-town of Redwater, Kentucky. It’s there amid the festivities, Sherry finds something she hadn’t prepared for, Trevor Webb.

Upon meeting him Sherry finds that her simple determination to get through the holiday break quickly changes and she embraces everything a small-town romance has to offer. As a new world opens, she’s forced to question everything she’s come to believe, including the power of an unspoken wish.


Can Sherry push past her fears for the sake of romance? Is she going to be able to relearn and trust the magic of Christmas?

Autographed Soft Cover A Christmas Wish