Autographed copy of Coming Home


“Life comes with pain. Nothing of worth comes easy.”

Northbury Kentucky had never been an exciting Southern town, but its locals remained generation after generation. That’s what was expected, least that’s what Savannah Bell had planned. Marry the local High School golden boy, watch him move up the ranks within the Police force, have a couple kids and live the life she’d seen every other woman in the small-town lead. That is until a tragic accident caused her world to crumble, her views to change and her to run as far from her hometown as possible.

Ten years after her leaving Savannah returns home, hell bent to make it through one visit with her parents. That is until she crossed the boarder and the memories of a painful past, the scents of a life she had left behind, in a town that seemed frozen in time, hit her like an out of control train and push her to run as quickly as possible. Until she met a stranger, Corey Garrett and everything changed.

Savannah had built her world around running, hiding parts of herself to remain safe from the pain life could entail. Never had she imagined she would feel such attraction to a man she hardly knew, least of all a man who had his own painful past. Wanting to explore love, find a true happiness Savannah is ready to risk it all by Coming Home.

Autographed Soft Cover Coming Home