Book One of Entanglement Series

There is a thin line between love and lust… The question is, can you tell the difference?

Emmy McKay had a normal life, one filled with laughter and promise, until she lost the only family she had. With both parents gone, she found herself alone until she moved to the town of Baycliff, Alabama to live with her best friend. She was ready and willing to find love and happiness in the small coastal town.

Life was simple, yet Emmy felt something was missing. Allowing herself to cross the line with a mysterious stranger, she engaged in a single night full of raw passion. It was one she would never forget, enjoying what woke in her at the hands of a man she would never see again.

Surrounded by the people she loved, with a job she truly enjoyed, she settled into her new world. Until Nathaniel Hawkins walked in. He was unlike anyone she had ever known, radiating an energy that pulled you in, captivating you with his gorgeous smile. Emmy set herself a goal- get to know this alluring male… in all possible ways.

Would Emmy be able to silence what awoke in the arms of a stranger? Or would the past rear its head, preventing the happiness she could find?


Book Two of Entanglement Series

What happens when secrets are uncovered and skeletons are unmasked?


Emmy McKay finds herself torn between two brothers. Nathaniel Hawkins and Gabriel Drake each offered her something the other could not. One gave her stability and safety while the other pushed her past her deepest limits. It’s been years since Emmy began her affair with Gabriel, and now she needed to find the truth- was there more than lust between them?

With both men holding an important piece of her heart, would Emmy be able to keep everything from crumbling? Can she find the correct path to take before she loses everything? With a troubled mind and a confused heart, Emmy must make choices that will affect more than just her destiny.

This time, Emmy is forced to face not only her true feelings, but the consequences of her choices. Will she come through the other side with a clear mind? Will her heart and mind ever be on the same page? What will happen when not only her secrets, but those around her, are unmasked?

A Christmas Wish

Book Fourteen of Forever Safe Christmas II Series

She’s a young college student with her whole life planned. That is, until she met him, a small-town man who offered her the world.

It was the time of year again and while others decorated for the holidays and bought Christmas gifts, Sherry Parsons prepared for her annual holiday break alone. That is until her friend, Elizabeth Webb, convinced her to tag along to her family’s home in the small-town of Redwater, Kentucky. It’s there amid the festivities, Sherry finds something she hadn’t prepared for, Trevor Webb.

Upon meeting him Sherry finds that her simple determination to get through the holiday break quickly changes and she embraces everything a small-town romance has to offer. As a new world opens, she’s forced to question everything she’s come to believe, including the power of an unspoken wish.

Can Sherry push past her fears for the sake of romance? Is she going to be able to relearn and trust the magic of Christmas?

Coming Home

“Life comes with pain. Nothing of worth comes easy.”


 Northbury Kentucky had never been an exciting Southern town, but its locals remained generation after generation. That’s what was expected, least that’s what Savannah Bell had planned. Marry the local High School golden boy, watch him move up the ranks within the Police force, have a couple kids and live the life she’d seen every other woman in the small-town lead. That is until a tragic accident caused her world to crumble, her views to change and her to run as far from her hometown as possible.


Ten years after her leaving Savannah returns home, hell bent to make it through one visit with her parents. That is until she crossed the boarder and the memories of a painful past, the scents of a life she had left behind, in a town that seemed frozen in time, hit her like an out of control train and push her to run as quickly as possible. Until she met a stranger, Corey Garrett and everything changed.


Savannah had built her world around running, hiding parts of herself to remain safe from the pain life could entail. Never had she imagined she would feel such attraction to a man she hardly knew, least of all a man who had his own painful past.  Wanting to explore love, find a true happiness Savannah is ready to risk it all by Coming Home.


Half Past Dread

Shadows of a thousand years.
Rise again unseen.
Voices whisper in the trees,
nothing is ever as it seems.

Monsters exist, whether they be real or wholly in our minds. Some of us enjoy the fear of the unknown, the thrill of danger that comes from something we can’t understand. Others like to delve into the deepest recesses of the human mind, to discover what lurks beneath an ordinary facade. Whether you want to be afraid of what lurks in the dark, or to wonder about the evil surrounding you everyday, Half Past Dread has something for everyone.

A Liliom Press publication, enjoy 4 chilling stories from our spookiest authors yet!

A.L. Gray
Mandi Konesni
Michelle Savage
J. Truesdell

Dark Leopards MC

32 Authors have come together to give you an Anthology like never before!

From all walks of life, they came together. Shifters who liked living a bit on the wild side, riding their bikes, and taking care of business.

Eight chapters of the biggest, baddest cats spanning two states – Texas and Michigan – and the mates who love them.

But that love won’t come without a cost because there’s always a price to pay when you live on the wrong side of the law as a 1% MC…human trafficking, gun running, pelt thieves….can the Dark Leopard MC handle the threats to their very existences?

Authors include: Kayce Kyle, Samantha McCoy, Ember Phoenix, C.G. Lee, W.M. Dawson, Annelise Reynolds, R.R. Born, C.J. Pinard, Morgan Jane Mitchell, Misha Elliott, Dawn Sullivan, Samantha Conley, Screaming Mimi, Lynn Burke, Liberty Parker, L. Firminger, Grace Brennan, Eden Rose, Evan Grace, JA Lafrance, Jessica Joy, Lethe Gene, Chelle C. Craze, Jaime Russell, S.E. Isaac, Josette Reuel, Michelle Savage, Xana Jordan, Maria Vickers, Christine Michelle, Mandi Konesni & Darlene Tallman.