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Forbidden Conquest

Book One of Raven of the North Series


Book One of Phoenix Fire Series


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Born into good. Hunted by evil. Destiny can be controlled, can fate? Zoey I had always felt different, my mother had called me special, but it was more than that. Since I was a young girl something inside me could be felt, an energy that with each year grew in power. Yet, magic wasn’t real. Was it? I had asked myself this question throughout my life and never believed I would gain the answer I so longed to have. With my powers growing they quickly became a danger to everyone around me. I felt lost, confused, unaware of just what was ahead. Drake I had been born into the typical family, at a time where life was simple. That is until, as fate would have it, the world changed, and I quickly learned the beast that hides within us all. As time moved forward my family and I grew into legend and prepared for the battle that was sure to come. When the time arose, I had one mission, ensure the survival of all I held close. Nothing would stand in my way.

Misty Peak

Book One of Misty Peak Series


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All of You

Part of Perfectly Imperfect Series


Love gives us hope. Hope gives us strength. Remember when life was simple? Our dreams brought to life with imagination. I had the toy kitchen with the make-believe food. I had the small cleaning equipment to tidy up. I put the white sheer curtain over my head and married the boy of my dreams. Had the small stroller with the baby who opened her eyes when I picked her up and even wet her diapers. I was the perfect little wife and mother, it’s all I ever wanted to be. As I grew into a woman my life shifted and the world of pretend became a distant memory. I watched as friends married, started families and lived a life of fulfillment and happiness. I wanted it, I still dreamed of it, yet that was all I could do. So, I wrapped myself around work. Opened my very own bakery and experienced life in a different way than I ever imagined. My name is Rose, and this was my story…

Captured Heart

Part of Perfectly Essentially Yours Series


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Through His Eyes 

Part of Perfectly Imperfect Series


Love is what allows us to see what our eyes wouldn’t. You know that person, right? The life of the party. The one everyone wants to be around, and everyone loved. That one friend who always dreamed big and walked around with a smile on their face. That was me, I was that person. Until an accident ten years ago changed my world, my dreams, and my view of the world. No longer was I the person everyone wanted to be around, overnight I became the poor girl who lost her sight. I settled into a life alone, in darkness. That is until I ran into him…


Twelve Days of Christmas

Kindle Vella Exclusive


A Sweet Romance of unexpected love. I was that girl, you know the one. The one who dated the Homecoming King, the Prom King. The one who dated the President of the Frat house and star of the debate team. I lived out my fantasy of that romance abroad, he sure left an impression on the French. Yet, I can honestly say I'd never been in love. Never had I experienced that loss of breath. That skipped heartbeat. That weak in the knees kind. That is until I returned home for Christmas.