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The Power of Writing

I’ve been writing since I was thirteen years old, discovering that writing was a way to escape the confines of the real world. Not that my life was complicated at such a young age, however, I was able to explore new surroundings, do things I wouldn’t be able to do in real life, say things I wasn’t allowed to speak about. In my stories I was free, channeling myself through the main heroines.

Learning quickly that imagination is truly a magical place, I began to push the limits on my characters. Putting them into situations that were, shall we say, a little risky or daring. As I grew, my writing evolved. Not only were the choices my characters had to make extremely more intense, at times life shattering, I also realized I’m a romance writer. Now, I know what you’re thinking.  Fairy tales, sweet old school type romance of courting and tender moments. I can assure you, that has never been the focus of my writing. 

I do believe love is the strongest emotion a person can have, it can save you and cripple you at the same time. I fully believe in exploring that, along with the tough choices that come with falling for someone. Perhaps there is hate between families. Maybe even a history of pain and abuse. Could there be a addiction that threatens to keep the love from truly blossoming? All of these are obstacles I put my characters through, testing them. If they come out unchanged or destroyed depends on many factors.

I’ve written supernatural romance, thriller/suspenseful romance, erotic romance… really, there is nothing I shy away from writing in some way or another. I enjoy testing different waters, creating new characters and scenarios that leave my readers begging for more or cursing my name. The important thing to me when writing is to tell the story in such a way the reader finds themselves engaged in the characters. They see and feel everything…finding maybe a little of themselves within the character. I do believe in happy endings, just not always.

What you can expect from reading my writing is simple. I promise to not only push my characters past their safe boundaries, forcing them to make choices of extreme consequence, but to also take you into a new world. For a brief moment in time, you will get to forget the bills you have to pay, the fight you just had with a spouse, stress from your job. In that moment, you will be able to live through another’s eyes, asking yourself if you would have made the same choices they did. 

That is the power of writing.

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