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The world of Phoenix Fire Series

Phoenix Fire has been a long-planned series between me and co-author J. Truesdell. Me a writer of steamy romance, J. Truesdell a master of supernatural we wanted to combine our worlds and what came from that is a series that has something for every reader. There is love, desire, forbidden wants and needs. Action. Suspense. Darkness that threatens light. Moments that jump off the page and force the reader to enter a world of suspense, thrills, adventures. This series is more than good vs evil, it’s about pushing the limits, trusting yourself and owning who you are and what you want no matter how bad it could be for you or those around you.

Rebirth starts two decades before the story takes place, you get a brief intro into the world of good magic and the evil monsters that are hellbent on destroying it. When with a hard jolt you’re brought into the story and you are introduced to Zoey, who has lived a life unlike anyone. She’s more than meets the eyes and it’s fun to witness her going through the changes in her life. She’s got the best friend, the wonderful parents, the close knit small-town what could go wrong?

Enter Drake, a mysterious stranger with a dark energy that surrounds him and pulls people in. A world traveler Drake quickly finds himself torn between who’s he’s always been, what he’s destined to be and who he wants to be. His past is filled with darkness that follows him, a torment. Will he be able to pick the right path?

No matter what side you’re on, who you’re rooting for, Rebirth will keep you turning the pages to find out what happens next. Be warned, once you entered the world of the Phoenix Fire Series you won’t want to leave.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your copy today! Also available on Kindle Unlimited.

Ignited: Book Two due out early 2024.

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