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The Perfect Weekend

What is the perfect weekend? Hmm. Well, I'm sure it's totally different for everyone but for me it's staying home.

Now, it's not just staying home, I'm not that lame. Lol, okay, I can be but hey don't judge. :)

Really though, the weekend is my time to get things done at home that I normally have no energy to do through the week. It's my time to relax with my kitties or catch up on a show I love, yes, even those ones I've seen a million times. With Summer right around the corner it will be those days by the pool. Floating around soaking up the sun with some good music and a fruity drink to my side. Sitting on my deck listening to the fountain while I work on my newest novel. Most importantly, just relaxing at home with family. Have some food on the grill and just allow the weekend to be...

These are the times I love the most, the simple moments that you can actually let your shoulders relax and you're able to take the time and allow your mind to rest. There are no bills to worry about. No work to do. No cleaning needs to be done. You just simple are about to be there. You don't even have to get dressed from your PJ's if you don't want.

This is my idea of the perfect weekend.

What's yours?

Much Love, Michelle

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