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Is Baycliff Alabama Real?

One of the most asked questions I’ve gotten since I published Entanglement. Is Baycliff real? Does the Hawkins property really exist? The answer is simple, no, Baycliff isn’t a real place. Although, I did initially start the mold of the small costal town based on the real town of Fairhope Alabama. When I first started to plot out Entanglement, I knew I wanted a small town, something coastal, something South. I searched and searched through different states, looking for that right feel and that’s when I came across Fairhope.

I did as much research as someone could do for a town, they had never been in. Pictures of homes, the pier, the beautiful fountain located just opposite the Municipal Pier. The French Quarter, the feel of the shops that lined the streets. The town was beautiful, and it spoke to me. It had everything I wanted, and I knew, this was where Emmy would live. This is where she would meet Nate, she would engage in a love triangle, she would find herself, possibly her happy ever after ending. So, I took parts of Fairhope twisted them with some ideas of my own and boom Baycliff was created.

Just a small fun fact, I did base the Hawkins property on land I found for sale through my research. Huge piece of land, with a lake, that screamed Hawkins.

Yes, I have been to Fairhope. I’ve met some people, ate in the French Quarter there, walked the pier and I have to say the town is as beautiful as I had seen through my research. To stand at the pier, the same one I have Emmy walk. To walk through a bookstore that mirrored Emmy’s place of work. To sit at the fountain and stand at the town clock, it was wonderful! If you’re ever South I would say to stop by and visit the small town.

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