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The Dark Leopards Ride April 8th, 2020

I would like to officially announce the upcoming MC Shifter Anthology that I am part of, due out this April. The Dark Leopards has been put together by a group of authors ready to bring the reader into a world of supernatural, love, suspense, friendships, bonds and of course danger. It’s been an honor to be involved in this anthology and I am proud to say all proceeds will go to benefit the Ronald McDonald House.

The Dark Leopards will be broken down into chapters between two different states, Texas and Michigan. Each chapter with its own twist and turns sure to keep the reader on the edge of their seat. I’m in the East Michigan Chapter with my story, Fearless. Please feel free to join our fan page, which I will post the link to at the bottom of this blog. There you can get the inside track on giveaways, teasers and of course our cover reveal by FuriousFotog. So, come join us and get ready to ride with The Dark Leopards.

Now, here’s a quick peak at my story Fearless.

Meet Rian O’Rooney an Irish American descendant of a shifter who came to America from Ireland when he was only five years of age. Rian had a normal upbringing unaware of the secret he had inside him, until he turned as a young man and shifted for the first time. Confused and scared Rian kept his secret from everyone, even his High School girlfriend, Lexi Jameson. It wasn’t until he found the Dark Leopards Motorcycle Club that he discovered, he wasn’t alone with his secret and was able to come clean to his girlfriend on who and what he really was. The club became his family quickly and within it, Rian elevated to the rank of Enforcer. Ready to put his life on the line to protect his club, his brothers and sisters. Finally accepted by others like him and the love of his life, Rian could live the life he dreamed of. That is, until Rian was forced to pick between protecting his club or his girl. Torn between two of the most important things in his life, will he give up everything to save them?

Dark Leopard MC Chapters & Authors- East Texas Chapter- Stacy Pritt Samantha Conley Lynn Burke Dawn Sullivan West Texas Chapter- Liberty Parker Lauren Firminger Grace Brennan Reina Torres South Texas Chapter- Annelise Reynolds C.J. Pinard Morgan Jane Mitchell W.M. Dawson Misha Elliot R.R. Born Leah Negron North Texas Chapter- Kaycee Kyle Samantha McCoy C.G. Lee Elle Boon North Michigan Chapter- Eden Rose Evan Grace JA Lafrance Jessica Joy South Michigan Chapter- Letha Gene Chelle C. Craze Jaime Russell East Michigan Chapter- S.E. Isaac Parker Stevens Xana Jordan Josette Reuel Michelle Savage Cree Nations West Michigan Chapter- Darlene Tallman Mandi Konesni Maria Vickers Christine Michelle

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Nov 05, 2022

I have this book, haven't read it all but what I have read I have enjoyed

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